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Afghan Selection – Kushkak


Lineage: Afghan Landrace Kushkak Village Balkh province
Flowering Time: 8-11 Weeks
Seeds Per Pack: 12+

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Kushkak is named after the tiny village where it was discovered in Afghanistan’s Balkh province – an area noted for its cannabis and hashish.
The growing plains of Balkh province are irrigated by the local river which feeds the crops with mineral-rich sediments and micronutrients. Locals proudly claim that these natural organic nutrients have helped evolve Kushkak and these other unique strains into the heaven-sent hash plants that are now available in seed form.

Kushkak explodes during flowering with dense, weighty buds that carry an array of vibrant natural colours – look out for the red pheno if you’re lucky!
Funky fuel terpenes are abundant in Kushkak – think of them as a warning – unusually, for an Indica, Kushkak has euphoric, uplifting effects, but they are soon joined by a powerful, full-body effect that will leave in no doubt whatsoever that you are dealing with an authentic Afghanica.
Like many of the Afghan Selection cannabis strains, Kushkak lends itself perfectly to herbal extraction – with thick, crystalline resin production and a rare potency, Kushkak is prized locally for its hashish.


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