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Afghan Selection- Hindu Kush


Lineage: Afghani Landrace Andarab district
Flowering Time: 8-11 Weeks
Seeds Per Pack: 12+

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The Andarab Dist is located in the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan.

This district in the last 10 years has become the new hot spot for cannabis due to its geography. Although Balhk Dist has come back strong since 2016 and are now producing like it used to be.

Parwan Province

Variability humidity 20-80%

Temp April/May 13-33c and 13h day light seeds are planted
Temp June/July 25-40c and 14.5h day light
Temp Sept/Oct 10-33c and 12h day light flowering starts
Temp Nov/Dec 1-15c and 10h day light local harvest tine
Temp Jan/Feb 0-10c and 11h day light
The Plant
Is a short growing plant with bid wide leafs and has one of the most amazing terps you will find in Afghanistan. In these seeds you can find plants with smells from diesel and grapefruit to pistachios and skunk. One of our hunters favourite smelling plant.

The Hash
Comes in both narcotic and uplifting versions depending on the farmer and what dominate genotypes his fields have. But taste is always very deep and complex.


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