Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you ship to my Country/State/Province?

We ship worldwide, from the USA, with stealth shipping, and guaranteed delivery to all Countries/States/Provinces except those who are on the USPS restricted list, Including:

(GH (Ghana)
KG (Kyrgyzstan)
KZ (Kazakhstan)
NG (Nigeria)
CI (Cote d’Ivoire)
CD (Democratic Republic)
LR (Liberia)
LB (Lebanon)
SY (Sudan)
BY (Belarus)
IQ (Iraq)
ZW (Zimbabwe)
SY (Syria)
CU (Cuba)
IR (Iran)
KP (North Korea)
SL (Sierra Leone)
Palestinian Territories
South Sudan
Crimea Ukraine

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept Credit Card, Cashapp, Zelle, Cash By Mail, Bitcoin and multiple other cryptocurrencies. If you would like to use Western Union or Walmart to Walmart transfer, please email me for details. We’re working to offer credit card processing in the very near future. 

**NOTE** Credit Card Payment Option Is Not Allowed For International Sales.


Is your delivery discreet

Absolutely.. We pride ourselves in our stealth shipping, and have never had a packaged confiscated in over 5 years. Always printed labels. Addresses will always be discreet and never include seeds, cannabis, or anything telling. International orders are always packaged in original packaging, within another item with absolute stealth. If you need stealth shipping for domestic orders, please select that option at checkout. 

What if my seeds dont germinate?

All seeds are germ tested before listing, but If you have an issue with germination, please email us a describing your problem. We will consult with the breeder and get you a new pack of seeds. 

How can I contact you with any questions or comments?

I am always available and quick to reply via email at  or on Instagram @HeritageSeedbank4life2.0


Do you offer guaranteed delivery?

ALL orders shipped come with a DELIVERY GUARANTEE. What this means, is if for any reason the postal service loses your package, we will reship it to you at no cost, as long as the packs are still in stock. Otherwise you will be refunded, or we will replace with packs of your choice at equal cost.

Do you ship in original packaging?

All seeds are shipped in original breeder packaging.