Mamiko Seeds

The Spanish seed bank Mamiko Seeds was born in 2012 and offers hybrids based on US elite clones, with a work mainly focused on the Girl Scout Cookies Forum S1.

The real work of the cannabis seed bank Mamiko Seeds truly began in 2013 with the first crosses on a Girl Scout Cookies Forum S1. Following the success of the first hybrids, Mamiko Seeds have continued working with the GSC to perfect this type of crossbreeding.

We are honored to carry one of the hottest new breeders and brands to emerge from the Spanish cannabis scene. Taking off by storm in America with the discovery of the GMO Cookies, Mamiko Seeds has not slowed down.

With the new release of regular and feminized lines, we are grateful to represent such a well-respected breeder in the industry. Mamiko Seeds offers some of the finest selections in boutique flowers on the market. We look forward to the incredible variations to be discovered in these fine genetics.

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