Mephisto Genetics

Mephisto Genetics is a small team of dedicated British breeders with big hearts and unending passion for cannabis.

Their long history with autoflowering ganja genetics and exceptional genetic library of parent plants has led to their creation of the world’s most desirable auto strains from the very finest genetics going.

These fully feminized autoflowering seeds produce some of the tastiest and frostiest fast-flowering marijuana strains the market has ever seen. These are true boutique autos perfect for any novice or commercial cultivator and guaranteed to satisfy even the choosiest connoisseur.

Mephisto Genetics do not believe in taking any shortcuts with their autoflowers. Potency and quality have always been a priority for these guys, and they’re entirely unwilling to sacrifice either.

Which is why this team of talented breeders never crosses other breeders’ autos to create their own. They don’t buy others’ seeds for their projects and rebrand strains as their own.

Mephisto Genetics is he tbest in the business, when it comes to quality Auto Flowering feminized seeds.

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