What is Cannabinology?
Cannabinology is the study of cannabis, cannabinoids, and other cannabis derived compounds and products. As a company we are founded on integrity, science, and passion for cannabis. We focus on maintaining the highest standards for genetics, cultivation, and professionalism. We utilize novel compounds, classical breeding techniques, and scientific methods to produce high quality genetics and novel solutions for home growers and commercial cultivators alike.

Our founder is a Biologist who specializes in plant physiology and genetics. He was a Geneticist for a number of years conducting DNA testing and certifying purity of food, nutraceuticals, and other botanically based products using Next Generation Sequencing. In 2017, he turned his scientific background and passion for cannabis into a new company, Cannabinology. Our breeding projects focus on high quality seed production with
selection for strong flavors, potency, and vigor. All of our varieties are
grown, documented, and reviewed in house and by our independent,
out of house, testing team.

We know you will enjoy all of the flavorful varieties we have to of-

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