Baaba Qo Afghan Selections – Qandahar

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Lineage: Qandahar (Afghan landrace from southern region)
Flowering Time: 8-11 weeks
Seeds Per Pack: 15 Regular

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Characteristics: broad to narrow leaf, green to black
Aroma in plant: funky, gasoline, burned rubber
Hashish effects: indica
Grow type: outdoor and indoor
Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
Climate average: max 44°C / min 4°C

Growers can expect abundant yields and dense colas that produce pungent musky aromas; studded with oily and earthy scents as opposed to the fruity, nutty terpene profiles that are more commonplace in the north of the country. This cultivar is well-known for producing ‘black hash’ that has long been a tradition in the country’s hashish production and is still made in tons every year. The genetics in this landrace lend a hand in the plants growing bushy with dark broad leaves that tend to be significantly shorter and denser than most afghan landraces.

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