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Humboldt Seed Org – Florida Gaspack


Lineage: Chem ’95 x OG Kush “Florida Cut” aka The “Triangle” OG
Flowering Time: 60 Days
Seeds Per Pack: Choose 10, 5, or 3


The mysterious arrival of the Chemdawg series left many connoisseurs desiring these elusive phenotypes for decades. Though the origins of lineage remain unknown, the
impact they’ve had on the cannabis industry is undeniable. This cross between a Chem ‘95 and the infamous Florida OG aka “Triangle OG” cut resulted in a greasy, chemical scented
masterpiece. This legendary variety maintains the exquisite potency sought by many for more than 25 years. These flavors shaped the modern day hybrid movement and are
by far some of the most desired the cannabis world has to offer. With amazing bag appeal and extreme potency this strain is an ideal addition for collectors and connoisseurs alike.

Flavor and Effects
Sharp aromas of gassy acetone and chemical cleaning products dominate the foreground while
citrus and peppery pine accompany lemongrass and mint undertones. Initial cerebral effects are
followed by strong couch lock. Ideal for end of day use. Great for unwinding and relaxing without
too much to do. Great for sleep and pain relief.

Florida Gaspack grows fast and hardy during its early stages of development. More than doubling
in size transitioning into the flowering period, take notice to stay ahead of the curve to meet the
demands of this metabolic monster. Long “castle” like tops with a wet and greasy appearance
present an unmistakable look. Great leaf to calyx ratios, leaving a lot more flower to green
material, favorable to any grower.

Cultivation Tips
Florida Gaspack meets a broad range of cultivation skill sets. Fast and vigorous growth lead to tall
and lanky plants early on. It’s important to top plants throughout the course of their life if you do
not plan on flowering quickly. They are ideal for the “sea of green” or “SCROG” methods due to
the plant’s deeper light penetration from thin sativa like fan leaves and longer spacing between
internodes. Double Trellising is recommended for indoor cultivation. Undergrowth should be
clean and energy focused on primary terminal sites to maximize yield potential. The plant is
ideal for making extraction if you decide to leave excess layers underneath the primary canopy.
Outdoor plants should be caged and secondary trellis should be applied to assist in final stages of
development. Plants are best hollowed out to allow for maximum amount of airflow. This variety
is slightly susceptible to powdery mildew and preventative measures should be taken accordingly.
Feeding regimens are more demanding during the flowering cycle. Nitrogen consumption is
modest though it is recommended to increase levels of calcium to support density in final stages.
We recommend adding bone meal to your recipe in the first week of flowering and sequentially
every three weeks until mid cycle as we have experienced this to create some of the best results.

75% Indica / 25% Sativa
24-26%+ THC, 0.1% CBD
Indoor Days: 60-63 days
Indoor Yield: 400-450g+ m2
Outdoor Days: Early-Mid October
Outdoor Yield: 4kg+ / 6-8lbs+ per plant
Outdoor Height: 4.5m+ / 15ft+

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Seeds Per Pack

3 Fems, 5 Fems, 10 Fems


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