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Lineage: Uncirculated NYC Diesel x Geist OG
Flowering Time: 60 Days
Seeds Per Pack: Choose 10, 5, or 3


Modern day hybrids were built on classic varieties appearing in the late 90’s to early 2000’s. The Iconic East Coast Sour Diesel was one of the most notorious and high priced varieties for more than two decades.
It has given rise to some of the most desired terpene profiles in the market today. The cross between an elite and uncirculated New York City Sour Diesel blended with our elite selection and uncirculated 4-way OG resulted in this dynamite and potent creation. As many heirlooms begin to disappear, this timeless flavor shouldn’t be missed.

Flavor and Effects
Terpene profile is known for its unmistakable gassy and citric overtones followed by sweet yet
acidic notes of pine and lemon grass. Great for daytime use and outdoor activities. The calming
and long lasting effect can still create an energizing feeling when consumed in moderation.
Excellent for creative thinking and stimulating activities both mental and physical.
From inception the Ghost of NYC grows with great strength and vigor. It appears more sativa
in development though the plant still retains indica dominant effects. Large spacing between
internodes are expressed through early stages of development. Elongated and large flowering sites
develop in later stages finishing with beautiful lime green tones, contrasted by glossy resin covered
buds. A happy plant in most environments, the Ghost of NYC flourishes with strong sun conditions.

Cultivation Tips
Ghost of NYC develops quickly and does best underneath trellising. Ideal for “sea of green”
methods. While transitioning into the flowering cycle, plants will more than double in size
needing very little time for vegetative growth prior to flowering. When grown larger, plants
are recommended to be topped or “SCROG” methods applied. Strong feeding regimens are
recommended as these girls will be more demanding not only nitrogen but also higher levels
of calcium. (Bone Meal specifically is ideal during the first weeks of flowering and periodically
throughout the cycle, ensuring more bud density.
Plants outdoors are highly recommended to be caged and secondary layers of trellis are necessary
for later stages of development to support large bud sites. Cleaning the inner layers of canopy
prior to the flowering period and again during the 2nd-3rd week are crucial to maximizing yield,
though the plant does receive better light penetration due to the thinner fan leaves and good
spacing between bud sites. Ghost of NYC does great in cold and wet conditions close to harvest
and really packs on the weight during the last couple weeks while showcasing bountiful resin.

These plants are great for extraction with secondary and third layers of canopy

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Seeds Per Pack

3 Fems, 5 Fems, 10 Fems

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