Mephisto Genetics – Samsquanch OG


Lineage: Yeti OG (Loompa Farms) x 3 Bears OG
Flowering Time: 70 to 75 days from sprout
Seeds Per Pack: 3 Auto Fem

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Seed Type: F6 Feminised Automatic
Indica/Sativa: 60/40
Cycle Time: 70 to 75 days from sprout

Project Introduction and Overview:
Samsquanch OG was a project created and now crafted into automatic format to keep on our journey of continually trying to refine what we deem is our take on the ultimate autoflowering version of the legendary OG Kush. The seeds were sourced directly from Loompa of Loompafarms when we met at Spannabis in 2015, I think perhaps he was a little sceptical about autos, especially being chatted at by two stoned lads at a fair, however, we said at the time, give us a few years and we’ll have something nice to show, and here we are today! This is essentially an auto outcrossed 3 times to plants of OG kush heritage, the first was our auto Triangle Kush (Triangle OGK cut x an old stock breeding auto), at F4 this was crossed to Bear OG from Karma genetics. That was bred to F4 to be fully auto and named 3 Bears OG, then the 3 Bears OG (Bear OG x Auto Triangle) was crossed to Loompa’s Yeti and inbred again until fully auto. In brief, the resulting strain is Samsquanch OG; a dank, productive strain, high in quality that is an explosion of taste and flavour. We’d never blow our own trumpets, but we’re humbly very satisfied with the outcome.

Strain Behavior and structure:
Samsquanch is a vigorous strain that produces very well in the correct environment. She branches very well indeed, making multiple colas that are stacked with flowers. Flowers grow compactly but your bush will be positively loaded with them. If allowed space she will grow tall and wide, we’d classify her as the large side of medium to the small side of large. She is adaptable and lends well to training and would definitely benefit from canopy maintenance and clearing out any inner or lower flowering sites that won’t receive much light. With the extra size development she does take in the region of 70-75 days from sprout to complete her cycle, the results however are well worth the extra days wait. To us personally, we consider her one of the tastiest available, especially if you’re into your OG funk.

In the weeds:
Size: 70 to 90cm
Yield: 100 to 150g
Aroma and Flavor: Typical OG markers of taste and smell. Tastes earthy, heavy, pungent, sour, skunky.
Effect: Relaxing and sedative can induce a pleasant dreamy state.
Extract: Super, super tasty strain for any extraction work.
Medicinal Effect: Increases a feeling of general well-being, can be used to good effect for appetite stimulation.


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