Baaba Qo Afghan Selections – Panjsher


Lineage: Panjsher (Afghan landrace from western Hindu Kush region)
Flowering Time: 8-11 weeks
Seeds Per Pack: 15 Regular

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Characteristics: big leaf, light to dark green
Aroma in plant: light pistachio and pine
Hashish effects: strong indica effects
Grow type: outdoor and indoor
Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
Climate average: max 20-25°C / min -10°C

The Panjsher seeds offered by Baaba Qo are native to the Panjsher region east of the city of Kabul, with the seeds originating in the valleys of this region. Cannabis in this region has been culturally important over its rich history and as such, vast quantities are cultivated here as they have been for centuries. Growers can expect plentiful yields and tall cola’s that will produce yields of hash. The hash produced is incredibly sweet and as such is well known for its salivating terpene profile that ranges from nutty earthiness similar to roasted nuts plus pistachios as well as sweet candied dried fruits. The effects of this cultivar begin uplifting and energizing due to the fruity terpenes before gradually easing into the sedative couchlock that is commonplace in Afghan broadleaf genetics.

Despite their original cultivating environment, these genetics are evenly suited to indoor growing methods although they are prone to be extra resilient to the elements than the bulk of modern hybrids.

Due to the characteristics of landraces, all Afghan Selections genetics are Indica prevailing cultivars that provide powerful sedative effects.


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