CSI:Humboldt – Jager S1


Lineage: Jager x Jager
Flowering Time: 56-63 Days
Seeds Per Pack: 7 Feminized

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The extremely popular Southern Oregon outdoor cut Jager. Originated at Millerville Farms and spread far and wide. One of my favorites for outdoor production.

As with many strains, the exact history of this strain is unknown. What is known is that Jager has some dank as hell parents and that the result is a tasty, potent, and dreamy strain. The buds are large, round, and chunky. It also has dark green top leaves with a purple tint to them. Purple buds are among the most valued in the entire cannabis community, despite them being a simple by-product of a growing technique, where you expose your plants to cold nighttimes temperatures for a short period. Jager is a versatile strain and likely has a Hindu Kush lineage.


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