CSI:Humboldt – Sweet 16 S1


Lineage: Sweet 16 X Sweet 16
Flowering Time: 56-63 Days
Seeds Per Pack: 7 Feminized

In stock


Sweet 16 is our favorite selection from a 180 plant grow of Pinks N Purps F1. This girl has an amazing candied fruit terpene profile with mostly green flowers (sometimes she’ll be a little bit pink!).

Pinks N Purps is collaboration hybrid made by a few friends. NCGA crossed Mendo Purps with Killer Queen to start it off. Blaze took those seeds (or a clone?) and crossed them to a Hawaiian line that produced Pink pistils. He continued that hybrid to an F2 generation, of which he passed a select clone from the F2’s to Shiva, who crossed it to Afghani #1.

I received the progeny of that final hybrid and made several selections from a decent sized seed pop: Sweet 16 was the overall keeper with Blackberry 69 a close second.


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