Cult Classic Seeds – Gleemonex


Lineage: Center F2
AC/DC x (PNW Purple Indica x Face Off OG Bx1) x (AC/DC x (PNW Purple Indica x Face Off OG Bx1)

Flowering Time: 70 Days
Seeds Per Pack: 10

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Flavor: Fuely, cheesy, floral, cherry. Expect to see many phenotypes OG Kush heavy in aroma and flavor with a nice twist.

Potency: Expect to see a lot of 1:1 CBD: THC and 2:1 CBD: THC phenotypes. You might hit the lottery and get a cannabinoid
profile that is equal, if not better than AC/DC, which could be as high as a 20:1 CBD: THC.
Effects: Imagine being in a dream-state after the effects fully kick in. Throughout your entire body, you’ll feel the CBD: THC reaching parts of your body you didn’t think could get high! The perfect combination of cannabinoids come together in this hybrid to make some truly potent medicine.

Ease of growth: I would leave this to the intermediate growers. Not saying beginner growers wouldn’t be able to grow this, but it is just our recommendation that growers with some experience under there belts be the ones to give this a try. The growth structure will vary. Some will be short and bush, some will be stretchy and tall, but all will have a good amount of CBD in them. Keep in mind that if you are growing this cultivar you might want to get your flowers tested to see your CBD: THC ratios and other cannabinoid content.

Other Notes: Gleemonx was born from Cult Classics’ Center, offering a varying CBD: THC ratio of 1:1 to 2:1 with most phenotypes.
Users can look for essences of Lemon OG, landrace purple, hard candy, orange, and mango.


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