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Humboldt Seed Org – Banana Sapphire

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Lineage: Banana OG X Sapphire OG
Flowering Time: 60 Days
Seeds Per Pack: Choose 10, 5, or 3


This fruitful combination brings together the powerful subtleties of the Banana OG with the acrid complexity of our unique and elite Sapphire OG.
These two varieties have given birth to this phenomenal creation. This strain is not to be missing from any collection.

Flavor and Effects
Terpene profile expresses the beautiful fusion of strong acrid gas and black pepper followed by subtle fruity tropical flavors dominant in banana with sweet
mango undertones. Banana Sapphire is known for its “creeper” effect often resulting in couch lock. Great for end of day use and pain relief.
Experienced indica smokers mayenjoy the very strong cerebral high.

The original Banana OG came from a small Oregon community more than a decade ago.
It was then crossed with our elite Sapphire OG known for its complex gassy terpene
expressions. Plants maintain fast and vigorous growth throughout the life-cycle and
do well in most conditions. Banana Sapphire enjoys lots of sun and can handle high
temperatures and cold nights. Thin fan leaves allow for deeper light penetration and good
spacing in between internodal development makes for good airflow in denser canopies.
Large elongated buds form into large resinous colas during their final stages.

Cultivation Tips
Banana Sapphire is for all cultivation levels. Fast and vigorous vegetative growth is
maintained through the complete life-cycle. These plants do well under trellising and have
good spacing between fan leaves to allow for good light penetration, needing very little
maintenance or cleaning. During flowering periods, trellising is recommended as large
bud development in later stages needs to be supported. Cultivation indoors plants are low
maintenance and will more than double in size during the flowering cycle. Strong feeding
regimens are recommended.

Outdoor: Cages are recommended for larger plants. Secondary additional trellising will
be needed for the later stages of flower development. Diet and nutrition should be
stimulated throughout the cycle due to high metabolic function. Near harvest, leaves can
yellow. Prefers dry climates with mountain sun, but does well in most environments.

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Seeds Per Pack

3 Fems, 5 Fems, 10 Fems

1 review for Humboldt Seed Org – Banana Sapphire

  1. Robert Forton (verified owner)

    Not the fault of heritage But humboldt seed company seeds are No good do not ever buy Them they do not germinate No matter what method you use.
    I’ve purchased 310 packs from all different places. All 30 seeds never worked. They are junk stay away from Humboldt.
    Seed company. 0 out Out of 32

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