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Irie Genetics – Jack The Ripper F2 #4


Lineage: Jack The Ripper X Jack The Ripper
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks
Seeds Per Pack: 10

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I made Jack the Ripper F2 seeds to pay homage to my fallen friend and fellow breeder, Subcool.

I chose a Jack the Ripper male that had a beautiful structure and great flower clusters with purple colors and nasty aromas.
The #4 phenotype makes plants that have a more classic cannabis plant/Christmas tree structure. These plants will double in size before finishing. The flavors and aromas are Strong Lemon Cleaner, Chemicals, Lime, rotten fruit, and Skunk. These phenotypes finish more quickly than the number 2 and are easier to manage. I would suggest these for a new grower interested in a head ripping, long flowering Sativa that is forgiving to mistakes.


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