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Katsu Seeds – Sour Bubba


Lineage: East Coast Sour Diesel X Pre98 Bubba Kush
Flowering Time: 50-55 Days
Seeds Per Pack: 6 Fem

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“Smelled strongly of burnt rubber, floral, dank
Flowers smelled incredible. I had smells from floral, rubbery, dankness to heavenly sweet candied perfume. I had a pheno that smelled like the most insane heavenly perfume it was brain tingling. Hands down the best plant ive ever smelled in flower.Taste – The SB for me was very smooth. Its hard for me to put a finger on a more specific description of the taste than very smooth and sweet. Its an easy smooth very enjoyable smoke.High – The high is very nice. For me it comes on quickly and it feels like a heavy euphoric blanket of comfort and feeling of being content. Its def heavy but not tiring. It gives a good sense of awareness and a bit introspective. One thing i really liked about the high is you come off of it cleanly with no crash or fatigue. In most cases feeling as good as when i was actually high.Overall – Man overall for me this is a great strain. I can smoke on it thru the day and not crash. Keeps me mentally balanced and content helps me focus and allows me to become more creative. Heavy but totally functional. Excellent smokeability. I didn’t stress test but i got no signs of intersex traits. Very solid plants. The smells are literally the best ive smelled. Id have to say considering all that 9 out of 10 easily. I kept my heavenly perfume pheno and plan on running it for quite a while.” CB

“Though the current market (both rec and traditional) has eviscerated, and all but tarnished the heavy-hitting name, Bubba Kush still holds a special place in my heart. Pre-98 Bubba is arguably one of the most influential cultivars of modern times! When done correctly, even the best of the new school genetics can’t compete in my opinion. This particular fem. hybrid of ecsd x pre-98 gives me two of my most preferred profiles in one. The majority of phenos are more gas/fuel forward, but I have a couple phenos that give me a perfect blend of diesel/gas + sweet, earthy/kushy goodness!

This cultivar instantly takes me back to my early college days, and what’s more—connects me with memories of my childhood. Just another reminder of why I grow and love this plant! Nostalgic, timeless,” @burninxbyrd


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