Katsu Seeds – Sour Sasquatch


Lineage: GG #4 X Sour Diesel
Flowering Time: 60-65 Days
Seeds Per Pack: 12 Regular

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Smoke Report from EaterofBrownies “Sheeeeeeet fellas, how long’s it been? Before I end this grow report, let me share with you the outright winner and outrageously stinky keeper. It was number 2, or B. I called her both, depending on how high I was. So this one was a perfectly even balance of sour and gas. My other two phenos leaned either more sour, or more gas. But number 2. She’s just perfect. The sour diesel gas is perfectly balance. Then there is a smidge of sweet and this background of umami. The umami is maybe like a bacon tone. Or something very very savoury. It’s one of those jars where each time I open it, I’m like fuckkkkk that’s special. Nice work @katsu there’s incredible keepers in these genetics.”

Sour Sasquatch is a gluey, gassy masterpiece! A cross of the Gorilla Glue #4 clone and Stoney’s infamous Sour Diesel male circa 2008, selected from IBL stock and proven over and over as one of the best Sour Diesel breeding studs ever – now available to the public for the very first time in collaboration with Stone Farms.
Big, chunky, gluey colas dipped in gasoline. These are straight up fire and do well in extraction.


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