Mendo Dope – Gringo Loco “Nilla” BX


Lineage: Vanilla Kush X Gringo Loco
Flowering Time: 56-63 Days
Seeds Per Pack: 10 Regular

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We created this specifically to keep one of our all time favorite flavors around for ever. The Nilla BX is a delicious resin covered flower that is bright green and grows very bushy. The terpenes on this flower are very unique and rarely found in strains now days. It has a distinct vanilla extract aroma with hints of fresh ginger bread cookies smothered in frosting. The taste is creamy and smooth and yields a strong potency. Very little training is needed to make this plant turn into a full canopy of colas. Great for creativity and pain relief. This has the most amazing French Vanilla Ice Cream made with Mexican Vanilla Extract smell and taste. This mother has tested at 28% THC for years and with Rosin we have hit over 8% Terpenes from very strict testing facilities.



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