Night Owl Seeds – Makeda


Lineage: Cosmic Queen F4S1 x Purple Pope Purple Wizard Pheno
Flowering Time: 75-85 days from sprout
Seeds Per Pack: 3 Auto Fem

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-65/35 Sativa/Indica

-75-85 days from sprout

-2-4 ounce average

Welcome back to the Secret Owl Society!

Another instant classic, the intoxicating features of the super Sativa CQF4S1 now beautified by the purple passion of Purple Pope!

Expect medium to large plants with heavy branching and heavy clusters of medium density disco ball flower clusters. There will be a nice split of purple and green expressions, all covered in prolific amounts of resin, from the fan leaves down to the stems. The candy necklace and honeysuckle flavor from the Queen is deepened by dark and Earthy notes from the Pope. The purple expressions can also yield purple hash if you’re into that sort of thing! Makeda takes well to all forms of training and is very forgiving. Defoliation is recommended to help with airflow and light penetration.

As with all Purple Pope genetics yields can be significantly higher than the average when grown well.


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