Sincity Seeds – Choking Hazard (Limited)


Lineage: Gushers X Blue Power IX2
Flowering Time: 55-65 Days
Seeds Per Pack: 15 Regular

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Blue Power 10 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Release

Blue Power is our flagship strain and was part of our first release here at SinCity Seeds. Originally created in the Summer of 2010, Blue Power is a Indica hybrid of the strain “Power” (Sour Double x Master Kush) and White Moonshine (The White x Blue Moonshine). An Instant Classic, Blue Power has been impressing connoisseurs with its nostalgic OG, Sour D and Kush flavors mixed in with some never before experienced unique sweetness. While the original F1 seed release occurred in 2012, it was extremally limited (10 Packs total) and most were purchased back by us or by close friends familiar with the project. It wasn’t until the next year (2013) that the masses got a chance to experience Blue Power with the release of our Blue Power F2 debuting at the Los Angeles High Times Cup. Blue Power quickly made a name for itself and went on to be a part of some of the most popular strains of the past decade! Our IX2 release marks 10 full years since the F2 release and represents the culmination of a decade of selective breeding. This project will ensure the preservation of Blue Power for many years to come!

With a heavy influence from the Legendary Triangle Kush, Choking Hazard lives up to its name with heavy smoke and mind numbing potency that will have you searching for a tall glass of water.

Sharp Fuel, Sour Slightly Lemony OG dominate the flavor and a mostly green appearance remind us of days before IG when Green Buds reigned supreme in the community. Great yielding, greasy, medium to tall plants that are very consistent from pheno to pheno.

This one made it extremely hard to keep just one because every example exceeded our expectations and looked almost identical. In situations like that we like to lean on COA’s or purely flavor. We found the best results when letting this one go 60-70 days in flower. Expect THC ranges from 25-30% making this extremely commercially viable.


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