Elev8 Seeds – Spicy Guava


Lineage: Chili Verde x RS11
Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
Seeds Per Pack: 6 Feminized

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Genetics: Chili Verde x RS11

Type: Indica Hybrid

Seed Type: Feminized

Flowering: 8-9 Weeks


Stretch: Medium

Characteristics: Fruity/Diesel/Spice

Chili Verde, named for its spicy aroma and fiery persona, is a hot strain that placed first for the Personal Sun-grown at the 2018 Emerald Cup. Chili Verde terpenes combines the zest of Key Lime Pie with the musk of Lavender that somehow culminates into a super spicy herbal chili flavor that packs a black pepper punch at the end.

RS11 from Doja Pak, also known as Rainbow Sherbet #11, is a potent indica dominant hybrid. It’s packed with super sweet and fruity goodness, with citrus, and a touch of pine with gas. It’s followed by a sweet and spicy aroma that enhances the overall experience. Her blue/green nugs are dense, fluffy, and covered in frost.

Spicy Guava’s green buds are oozing with shiny crystal trichomes smelling of fruit, diesel fumes, propane, and spice. She tends to have wide branches, and produces a medium to high yield.

Includes an additional pack of 2 Fem Elev8 SPICY GUAVA.


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