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Katsu Seeds – AK47 F3


Lineage: 1997 Serious Seed AK47 F3’s
Flowering Time: 56+ Days
Seeds Per Pack: 10 Regular

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AK47 F3 – the F2’s are old JoeyWeed stock made from the original, 1990’s Serious Seeds AK47 genetics. This particular strain has won more cannabis awards over the last 30 years than any other, to the best of my knowledge. Huge, Jurassic leaves with thick stalks and gigantic colas of frosty buds, this old-school killer was aptly named for it’s devastating effects. For many older smokers, this was the first “one hit and quit” smoke any of us had tried.

Extremely vigorous with potentially massive yields and relatively fast finishing time (56+ days), the only negative that can be said is that some phenos really didn’t have much of a nose. This is one of a handful of classic reproductions I have planned and a perfect starting point for your next breeding project. I know I’ll find some nice phenos and make some killer old-school crosses. If you’re into stockpiling “the greats” or just want to give a go at some top-shelf old-school gear, these are perfect for you. For a mostly Sativa cross, these plants have a short flowering period, producing compact buds with few leaves that glimmer with frost.


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